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How long will it take to get successful in forex trading?

Most people who get into the world of Forex trading do so with the intention of making profit, which is totally reasonable and realistic, but too many new traders make the mistake of thinking they will quickly become rich off forex trading. While it’s true that some experienced traders, especially those who trade with large volumes of money, can make huge profit in a short amount of time, new traders need to understand that trading takes a lot of practice and learning. A good place to start is at trading portals such as forextrading.pm, where you can read reviews, guides and


What to think about when you trade binary options

Binary options trading is for many people the first step in to the world of financial trading. It’s a financial instrument that is easy to use and doesn’t take long to learn. Compared to other forms of trading that often takes years and years to learn in order to be truly successful, binary trading offers a solution that is much more simple and stripped down, but with the same opportunity to make decent profit. Having said that, I would like to address the fact that no one can just start trading binary options and expect to get rich without first