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Poker for beginners

Even though the real poker boom of the early 2000’s is past us, online poker is still one of the main form of gambling on the internet. If you are intimidated by the average high quality play and professional players, don’t be. There are still plenty of players at a novice level and we all have to start somewhere, don’t we?

Assuming you have gotten as far as learning the basic rules of Poker, and is now ready to sit on a table without being completely lost and clueless, here are some very basic tips for you to use to your advantage.

First of all, don’t get to eager to get into as many hands as possible. Poker is about quality hands, not quantity hands. It’s not uncommon for professionals to fold 15-20 hands in a row, waiting for the right time to strike and put their money in the pot. Keep in mind that the average strength of a  starting hand is Q7, so anything lower than that should be folded. Be more selective about the hands you play if there are a lot of players on the table. If you’re playing at a ten person table, you can expect to go up against really strong hands, so try and wait for a quality hand like AK, AQ, AJ or a pocket pair before going into the pot. Read more about poker strategy on juegosdelpoker.es!

In the very beginning, don’t try any fancy moves straight away. You’re much more likely to not being able to handle the situation when you don’t really know what you’re doing and you risk losing a lot of money. It’s better to play safe when and bet when you have a good hand.

When you finally do get dealt a good hand, don’t be afraid to make a big raise. When playing at a full table, you want to eliminate a big chunk of the competition. Good hands don’t come around too often, so when they do you don’t want to let people limp in only to draw you out on the river with a bad starting hand. Pokeronline.pw has some useful tips on how much you should bet in various situations on the poker table!

Lastly, you have to adjust your game plan as the hand progresses. A pair of pockets tens is a great starting hand, and say you raise big before the flop and two or three people calls you. You might have the best hand before the flop, but lets say the three first cards are Ace, King and Queen. How does this affect your hand? If three people called you on the flop you can be almost certain that at least one of the others has an Ace or a King on their hand. In those situations it’s time to fold and just accept that you will lose the money you invested before the flop.

If you would like to know more about poker and how it’s played, juegosdepoker.me is a good place to start!

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